Receiving Card

The 5A-75E receiving card is a cost-effective product specially launched by Colorlight to better help customers save costs, reduce failure points, and reduce failure rates. On the basis of making full use of the advantages of 5A receiving card technology, the most common HUB75 adapter board on the market is integrated into the receiving card. Under the premise of ensuring high-quality display, it is more reliable, more worry-free, and more affordable.


  • Integrate HUB75, no need to equip with adapter board, which is more convenient and lower cost
  • Reduce the number of plug-in connectors, reduce the point of failure, and lower the failure rate
  • Support conventional chips to achieve high refresh, high grayscale, and high brightness
  • Brand new grayscale engine, better performance in low grayscale
  • It can eliminate the details of dark, low gray and reddish, ghosting and other details caused by the design of the unit board
  • Support high-precision integrated point-by-point correction of chroma and brightness
  • Support all conventional chips, PWM chips, Silan chips and lighting chips
  • Support any scan type from static to 64 scans
  • Support any extraction point, support data group offset, can easily realize a variety of special-shaped screens, spherical screens, and creative displays
  • Support random selection and selection
  • Single card supports 32 groups of RGB signal output
  • Support large loading area
  • Support DC 3.3V~5.5V ultra-wide working voltage
  • Support Colorlight’s full range of sending equipment.

Parameter specification table

Control system parameters

Single card control area

Single card correction area

Any exchange of network ports

Synchronization between card and card

Display module compatibility

Chip support

Scan type

Supported module specifications

Cable direction

Number of data sets

Data discount

Data exchange

Module Snapshot

Module Draw Draw

Data serial transmission

Compatible equipment and interface types

Main control and card, between card and card

Communication distance

Compatible transmission equipment

DC power supply interface

HUB interface type



Physical parameter

Board size

Input voltage

Rated current

Rated power consumption

Storage and transportation temperature

Operating temperature

Anti-static ability of human body


Environmental monitoring & remote (use with multi-function card)

Monitoring function

Remote control

Other functions

Point-by-point correction

Loop backup

Alien screen


Full color: conventional: 256×512, PWM: 384×256, Silan: 324×256

Conventional: 256×512, PWM: 384×256, Silan: 324×256

The network port can be used arbitrarily regardless of input and output

Nanosecond synchronization between card and card


All mainstream LED driver chips such as conventional chips, PWM chips, Silan chips and lighting chips

Any scan type from static to 64 scans

Arbitrary row and column assembly within 8192 pixels

Support left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top routing

32 sets of full color data

Support double fold in the same direction, reverse fold in half, fold in half in the same direction, etc.

Support 32 groups of data arbitrary exchange

Support any point

Support random selection

Support RGB, R16G16B16 and other forms of serial


Category 5 network cable ≤140M Category 6 network cable ≤170M

Optical fiber line: single-mode transceiver ≤20KM, multi-mode transceiver ≤550M (use repeater to extend indefinitely)

Gigabit switch, Gigabit fiber optic transceiver, Gigabit fiber switch

Needle seat VH3.96mm-4P

Barrier terminal block-8.25mm-2P

Comes with HUB75 interface



Length 143.64mm, width 91.69mm

DC 3.3V~5.5V



-50°C to 125°C

-25°C to 75°C




Support real-time monitoring of environmental information such as temperature, humidity, smoke, etc.

Support remote relay switch device power supply


Stand by

Stand by

Support to realize special-shaped screen through arbitrary offset of data group;

Support various special-shaped displays such as spherical screen, diamond screen, cube screen, irregular shape screen, etc.

Indicator light

Interface Description


Power input 1


Power input 2


Ethernet port A


Ethernet port B


Test button



Power Indicator


Signal indicator







External interface


HUB interface



Connect a DC 3.3~5.5V power supply to supply power to the receiving card


Connect a DC 3.3~5.5V power supply to supply power to the receiving card


RJ45, used to transmit network signals


RJ45, used to transmit network signals


With its own test program, it can realize four kinds of monochrome display of red, green, blue and white, scanning display in horizontal sweep, vertical sweep, etc.

Constant red light indicates that the power supply is normal

1 flash/sec:

The receiving card is working normally, and the network cable is connected normally;

10 flashes/sec:

The receiving card is working normally, and the box is in the state of being calibrated;

4 flashes/sec:

In the loop backup state, the receiving card works in the

backup sending card state

External interface for indicator light and test button

HUB75 data interface, J1~J16 connect to the display unit board



Only use one of them




Dual network ports enter and exit at will,

Intelligent system recognition