TCXLED is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, and distribution of LED photoelectric displays and solutions. Originally founded in 2012 and has continued to expand globally over the last decade.

TCXLED’s production facility is comprised of over 8,000M² and employs over 200 engineers and workers. TCXLED is the pioneer of full color, single & dual-color LED displays. Their main strength is providing LED terminal markets high-quality products at competitive prices as well as professional services consistently.

TCXLED has been deploying LED display products to meet and lead various demands of the market through their distribution service centers. TCXLED has the largest market share in the Chinese market and is one of the most trustworthy long-term partners in LED displays all over the world.

In addition, TCXLED houses some of the most advanced imported production equipment and has invested millions of dollars in their infrastructure. TCXLED’s equipment consists of, automatic aging lines, automatic tapping machines, automatic plug-in machines, automatic glue machines, AOI testers, automatic waterproof testing machines point correction system, and other state-of-the-art equipment.

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Extreme Performance. An Industry First.

At TCXLED we design, develop, and manufacture our awe-inspiring LED displays. Currently one of the highest quality devices on the market. All our production facilities are state-of-the-art tier one quality. We have invested millions of dollars in our production lines to ensure our clients are entirely satisfied with our products.

Our Tier-one manufacturing lines are designed to ensure every LED display module that we produce in-house, maintenance high-levels of quality. 
Our in-house machinery is able to produce 1000’s of units daily, along with the added bonus that we reduce lead time significantly so our clients can receive their orders in a fast time.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Let’s see how TCX can help you. We have served over 600 customers worldwide, we’re happy to serve you too.

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